Monday, December 13, 2010

New Home!!

Sorry folks for the extremely long delay in posts! We are happy to say we now have a new home! No...our house didn't sell. Unfortunately it's only a new online home. Change your 'favorites' and check us out from now on at Hope all is well!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

17 Months

Noah is 17 months old now, well okay nearly 18 months but I'm just now getting these posted! Joel and I have been so enjoying this age! Noah's interests and vocabulary are developing more and more each day. I would say he is 100% boy! He loves cars, trucks, airplanes and when he sees anything with tires he repeats "go, go, go!" While on the playground at daycare, he'll stand by the fence and watch the garbage truck pull up or watch the delivery trucks pull in and deliver packages. He continues to wave at each airplane that flies above. Noah is also very interested in dogs! Bosco is by far his favorite but any dog that goes by while we are out for a run he talks to. This past weekend we were at the cabin and Noah continued to add to his vocabulary. He even went to the cabin door and stood there continuously saying "outside, outside" until we got our shoes on to take him "outside!" On a different note, temper tantrums also go along with this age! Noah has had his share of tantrums, most of these occur when we tell Noah that it is time to go inside for the night...hopefully in time this gets easier!
Joel and I love every moment that we spend with our little Noah! Noah continues to add such love, joy and happiness to our lives; we love you buddy!

Monday, May 24, 2010

the great outdoors

Noah has kept us pretty busy lately, as he was under the weather and teething but now he is playing catch up and trying to get in as much time outdoors as possible. A few weeks back, Joel and I wanted to get in a nice long bike ride, so we headed out to Carver with Noah in tow. It was a great afternoon, but as you can see Noah still wasn't feeling the greatest. Not to mention, his first little shiner that he came home with from daycare. We had a beautiful day at the Carver Park Reserve, which followed by an evening at the park and an ice cream cone!

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